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How I crushed my confidence barrier and F***ing owned it!

A few days ago I was invited to a group interview. Wait, let’s flashback. I am looking for a part time job and this big retailer (who must remain anonymous) had an open interview day. I was ecstatic that I passed the first round of interview and was invited for round 2 i.e. the group interview. But hold on, this wasn’t even the challenge. The challenge was that it was all in French despite being told that the interview will be bilingual.. Now my French isn’t so bad and I completely understand that customer service needs to be bilingual so I’ve been taking some lessons and I’d like to say my French is decent. But knowing that I’m in a bilingual city, I thought I could get by with being at a reasonably communicative level and make up for it with my other qualities. Boy was I wrong!

There were many instances where I wanted to just get up and ask to leave since I didn’t understand a lot of the activities.

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Ecommerce and Digital Strategy

Here’s a recap of the W.O.W event held on April 13 2017. We had two great speakers, Erin Little from Marche Elm and Mariella Katz from Frenzr who shared with us some great insights about their businesses


Erin Little, creator of Marche Elm had some great points to share with us, including her reasons to get into an ecommerce business, where she started, what platform to chose from and much more. Having worked in sales, she had gathered ample experience on customer interactions and customer relationship skills that she felt confident about stepping out and exploring her own venture i.e. Marche Elm.

When talking about advantages and disadvantages of ecommerce, Erin mentions that there are two sides to every point. She chose to stick to an online based business as it allowed her flexibility in her schedule. It also allows her flexibility to be remote and work from wherever she wanted. However, her main disadvantage, as she put it, is the fact that her customers cannot touch and sample the products she carries. Unlike a regular store, she misses out on the store experience but she has great advice to over come that.

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