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April 13th 2017 – Ecommerce – Where do I Start and How do I use Digital Strategy?

Thinking about starting or promoting your E-commerce business and don’t know where to start? We know it can be difficult, You can read all the articles and books out there OR hear it first hand from the founders of MarcheElm and Frenzr

Starting your own business can be daunting so come out and meet other people with similar goals and learn tips and tricks from well established experts.

Ecommerce Specialist

Erin Little – Owner and founder of Marche Elm will be talking about her inspiration behind Marche Elm and answering all your questions about starting an E-commerce business including

  • How do I set up, where do I get started
  • How to do promotions and sales
  • Lessons learned
  • How do you engage your customers
  • How to manage inventory
  • And more!

Brand Strategy and Promotion

Mariella Katz – Founder and President at Frenzr will be talking about the importance of digital branding and content creation and things to keep in mind when establishing you digital brand. Mariella will cover topics such as

  • What is digital marketing and content generation
  • Why is digital marketing important
  • How can you look like a million dollar business with a small marketing budget
  • Tips on establishing your brand
  • How do I stay relevant?
  • And more!
About the WOW Speakers:

Erin Little – Owner, Marché Elm

Inspired by the booming natural body care movement, Erin left a job in the corporate world for a chance to make a difference. In 2015, Erin conceived of and launched Marché Elm offers a curated selection of local and national body care brands that are non-toxic, cruelty free and safe for the environment. Drawing from her background in sales, Erin runs all logistics, marketing and IT for the company and loves hearing from loyal customers. Recently, Erin has also launched Elm Sales, a sister company, dealing in wholesale. An avid runner, Erin participates in marathons, loves nature and believes there should be dogs allowed everywhere she goes.

Erin Little,

Mariella Katz – Founder, Frenzr

Mariella Katz is the president and founder of Frenzr, the social media agency with a lifestyle focus. In her day-to-day, she handles the digital strategy for the numerous clients of the agency, but also directs all the content creation. In addition to her main role, she gives creative workshops for entrepreneurs and a variety of lectures on entrepreneurship and the digital world.

She keeps herself inspired by anything related to art & creativity. She has a passion for entrepreneurship and helping others succeed, as she’d say – it’s what has driven her business to grow as much as it has. #CommunityOverCompetition Frenzr specializes in content creation and community building for many brands in and outside of Quebec.

Mariella Katz



November 3 2016 – Women in Small and Medium Enterprises   

Ruchy Khurana
Founder of Ruchy Skincare

Ruchy Khurana is a native Montrealer with a passion for long lasting eye makeup. She is the creator of the brand Ruchy Skincare and promises she is not a narcissist.
Having met Ruchy, i can say confidently that she is an optimist with a great outlook on life. She is passionate when she talks about her business and you can see that she created Ruchy Skincare with a purpose and drive. Ruchy brings with her intellect and dedication that she is looking forward to sharing with her community. Her passion for natural products turned into a business that creates and manufactures a 100% natural bath and body line. Ruchy promises to keep working toward her goal and to bring out the beauty of nature in the products she creates with utmost love and compassion.

Ruchy from Ruchy Skincare


Layial El Hadi

Director of Operations, Apisen

Layial El-Hadi, Director of Operations at Apisen Operations Services Inc.
Layial is the Director of Operations at Apisen; a small business based in Montréal that builds security and safety products for law enforcement and emergency responders. As part of her role she oversees the company’s business and marketing strategy. She moved to Montréal to pursue her MBA from HEC Montréal a few years ago. Her past experiences have included work in sustainability consulting, impact investment and non-profit management. She is an avid traveller and has had the opportunity to work in various emerging and developed markets including Qatar, Jordan, India, Hong Kong and Canada.

Layial El Hadi


May 26 2016 – WOW : How They Became Business Owners & How You Can Do it Too!

Julie Hubert
President & Co-Founder of Workland

Julie Hubert is President and co-founder of Workland, an innovative new web platform dedicated to automating the matching process between talented professionals and employers looking to hire. After working more than a decade in large corporations, and having personality lived and observed the painful process of job searching one too many time, she decided that it was time to bring technology to the rescue of this growing society problem. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she always dreamed about starting a company from scratch and so when the right opportunity came knocking, she seized it without hesitation. After making the daring decision to shift not only from “Corporate” to “Start-up”, but also from marketing to HR and IT, she spent the first years making the idea come to life by building the Workland team and developing and testing the technology. Vision, determination and the dedication of many talented and brilliant individuals who chose to follow her in her new mission contributed to bringing Workland to life early 2014, a fast-growing startup that will continue to push change in an industry desperately needing to evolve.

Above: Julie Hubert

Melinda Chen
Founder of Women Making Big Sales

Melinda Chen is a sales coach helping female entrepreneurs sell to big clients. She is also a sales executive with an impressive sales track record of 8 figures.Her company, Women Making Big Sales, allows female entrepreneurs to start connecting and sell to big clients in 5 weeks. Melinda grew up in an entrepreneurial family. When she first started her sales career after university, she wanted to know everything about selling. So, she spent years reading over 20 books in sales, made over 5,000 cold calls and worked with agents, reps and corporate clients around the world. Since then, she has mastered the art of selling to big companies and made sales in Americas, Europe and Asia covering a wide range of industries. She is inspired to help women take control of their lives by going for big clients, closing important deals and dramatically expand their business.

Here is a recent article on Melinda published in NBC:


Above: Melinda Chen

April 18 2016 – Women of Wonder: Entrepreneurship in the World of Mind, Body, and Spirit 

Melinda Atkinson

Melinda Atkinson, personal growth facilitator and owner of Motivational Moments, offers powerful opportunities for personal development through weekend retreats, workshops, and coaching. Her degree in Communication and experience in business development, management, and training, have been the foundation upon which Motivational Moments has grown. Melinda’s passion is supporting individuals in finding and living fully into their true purpose. Her message will motivate you to listen carefully to what’s calling you from within, step outside your comfort zone, take bold action, and to BE authentically, you.

Above: Melinda Atkinson

Lisa McLellan

Lisa McLellan motivates and empowers active agers to take responsibility for their health, mindset and fitness through innovative programming and joyful training experiences. Lisa’s alternative approach offers safe, effective and enjoyable mind, body, spirit solutions.

Getting and staying fit is easier than you think. The key is in understanding how. Let’s set you up for success NOW so you can have more energy, be more positive and feel great. Simple strategies for life long health and fitness. Yes you can!

Above: Lisa McLellan

Lisa McLellan

Angela Podolsky

Angela Podolsky is an expert in movement and has been professionally coaching individuals for over 13 years on a global scale and has received numerous awards and accolades for her dedication. Angela specializes in body language, facial expression, non-linguistic communication and their impact on everyday interactions and relationships. She has receiving top-level certification and works directly with industry leaders in Europe and North America.

March 3rd 2016 – Women in Entrepreneurship  

Rita Baker

Rita Baker from Baker Marketing will be speaking to us about her journey to launching her own company. Rita is an entrepreneur with skills excelling in Marketing Management. After working in corporate marketing for over 12 years, Rita decided to revive her original business that she ran for over 10 years following university: Baker Marketing. Rita now concentrates on helping start-ups, SMEs, municipalities and other organizations with their marketing needs.

Rita is also a mentor with the Réseau M of the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship de Montréal, a business coach with Montréal Inc., an evaluator for the SAJE, an active member of the e-180 community and a co-organiser of the Montreal Lean Startup Circle

Rita will be presenting how she overcame obstacles in her professional life and continued to strive toward her goals. She will highlight some points on women empowerment and share her experience with us.

Marina Staingart

Having graduated in computer engineering from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Marina has been working as a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) for INCOSE as of March 2010.

After a successful career in the field of transportation which led to an Emerging Consulting Engineering Professional Award, Marina decided to pursue an International MBA (Israel, India and Singapore).

In the last couple of years, Marina discovered her passion for improving healthcare and patient experience. With that in mind, she co-founded “Medialpha Laboratories” to bring healthcare to people’s homes. Marina will be discussing her passion, journey, struggles and success.