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Tapping Into the Emotional Intelligence of Your Brand

*Free Event*

When: May 18th 2017
Where: Maison Notman House. 51 Sherbrooke St. West. Montreal. H2X 1X2
Time: 6.30 pm

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Are you connecting with your audience at a personal level?… your brand is a personality and it is lacking emotional awareness. Now you’re thinking this is going to be another “touchy-feely” seminar, not really. Do you know that adding an emotional touch to your brand can change the way you connect with your audience? Brands like Coke, McDonalds, Oil of Olay require no introduction, these are a few brands that have implemented key marketing strategies to ensure brand loyalty and trust, prompting customers to always return to that relationship.

Whether you’re a SME or a startup, getting your marketing right is key which is exactly what we aim to do in this Free seminar

Creating a customer – brand relationship is tough. Come and join us for a free talk with Monia Poncik from Mo&Co. and get insights on what it means to be emotionally aware and why your brand needs to think differently to gain a step up from the competition.

Whether you’re a SME or a startup, getting your marketing right is key which is exactly what we aim to do in this Free seminar. Monia will talk about topics such as

  1. What is Branding with emotional intelligence
  2. Why adding an empathetic touch is important to your brand
  3. How to connect with your customers to increase repeat purchases and customer loyalty
  4. What is Value Based marketing Creating values to your brand and increasing your brand following
  5. Important resources to read and implement
  6. What you are doing wrong and how to take a different approach

Join Monia in this Free seminar full of information and gain insights to topics others won’t talk about


About the panelist:

Monia Poncik is the Founder of Mo&Co

Monia Poncik is a Brand Marketing Specialist, working in the industry for over 15 years. Monia believes in empowering marketers, hustlers, idea makers, creators, startups, entrepreneurs and general badasses to Build Better Brands.

After many years of working in marketing agencies with small local brands, to large international brands owned by P&G, Constellation Wines, Imperial Tobacco across accounts, planning, activation, creative development, and strategy, it was obvious to Monia how consumer needs have become more and more rooted in the expectation of a true human connection.

Monia believes that marketing needs a little more emotional intelligence and to allow for emotional information to be part of sustainable strategies. Monia’s goal is to facilitate a global mind shift, and educate on a more human-centric approach to marketing.

Now Monia works with various brands to get them set up on a path for long term success with catered marketing strategies that encourage dialogue with the right audience by taking into the consideration the overlap between your brand, industry trends, and human elements, enabling brands to socialize




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